Start buliding your own domain marketplace by HiDomainer

Before using HiDomainer, please buy a linux server first,

I recommend , Generally, the $5/month plan is enough. ( Because the code of hidomainer script is all written by myself, all data processing code is very lightweight but powerful. )

1. Register a Vultr account

Please click here to register:

2. Deploy a server

Click here to deploy a server:

Choose Server: Select "High Frequency" or "Cloud Compute"

Server Location: Choose a server location based on your needs, such as "America->Los Angeles"

Server Type: 64 bit OS "Debian" or "CentOS" or "Ubuntu"

Server Size: 1 CPU | 1G Memory (Usually, this is enough)

And then you will see the price is $6/month (High Frequency) or $5/month (Cloud Compute), and then click "Deploy Now".

3. Send the Server IP and Root Password to

We will help you configure the server, install web environment and upload the authorized script file to your server,

How to get your Server IP and Root Password:

4. Set the DNS records of your website domain

Set the A record of "www" ,  "@" , "parking" to your server IP.

5. Config the script and add domains

Login the AdminPanel:

set the script configuration according to your needs and  add your domains  which is for sale.

5. Parking your other domains to your own website's Landing-Page

When all of the above are done, please change the dns settings of your other domains.

How to set:

Set the cname record of "www" ,  "@" to " parking.***.com " ( ***.com is your site domain )

You can contact your registar support to bulk setting the domains DNS records.

Well done,  enjoy selling domain names through your own domain name marketplace.