Add Article


1. Article languages

 Select this article to be displayed on websites in those languages (if no language is selected, this article will not be displayed)

2. Article URL Value

Please use English, for example, it can be set to how-to-buy (Note: the same article URL value can be used for the same article in different languages, so that when the end-user switches to another language, it will be seamless switching between different languages)

Articles with a higher sorting number will be displayed first in the article list

4. Title


If you need to use an image in the article, you can upload the image directly (the image will be saved in the article data with Base64 encoding, and the image will no longer exist after the article is deleted)

If this image needs to be used multiple times, you can upload the image to the server in the function of Upload Image>Website General Image. Then, in Images management page, get and copy the path of this image, then insert this image to the article (as shown in the picture below)